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…creative team making ideias happen…

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Established in Portugal, IndieSoft Group is an independent studio focused on the development of 2D games and applications for current and next generation tablet devices and smartphones.

Our strength lies in our strong technical skills, combined with creativity and great experience in the field of programming and design.



In application development, our ability to translate ideas into unique experiences allows us to gain recognition from our customers.

In game development we are focused on turning an idea into a successful game with the pride of offering the best experience for gamers with a touch of innovation and style.


The IndieSoft Group team has a working group dedicated to sales and marketing, technical support, quality assurance and project management.

Together, we can be sure that your game or application is advertised and noticed in a supersaturated market.


Project support and troubleshooting to mitigate any issues your project might face.
With 24 hour service, we are always available to help you.